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We hope to bring together a community of people that are interested in neurosurgery.


We hope to inspire patients, students, healthcare professionals, and neurosurgeons to share their experiences, ideas and opinions.


We hope to demystify neurosurgery by sharing what happens in a busy neurosurgical department, and by discussing our decisions with experts in the field on social media.


We hope to ease the stress for families and carers of patients who have undergone neurosurgery by explaining what happens in theatre and the decisions that the surgeons have made, and by illustrating these explanations with videos and vibrant pictures.


We hope to alleviate the intimidation of neurology and neurosurgery to medical students by providing a non-intimidating high quality educational resource where questions are encouraged.


We hope to inspire school children to consider a career in medicine with careers talks and workshops to highlight the diversity of the profession.


We hope to share patient experiences for healthcare professionals to understand the challenges a patient may face.


We hope to make neurosurgical education accessible to all, by providing a free open-access resource (#FOAMed), that can benefit students, healthcare professionals, neurosurgeons, patients, and the public across the world (#globalsurg).

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